Do you offer free consultations?

No, we do not at this time. We do have an extensive resource list you're welcome to utilize. 

Why is it important to seek consultation or training from someone of lived experience?

No, you do not. We serve allies as well, and can help with a multitude of issues that may or may not relate to someone's sexual or gender identity. 


Can I still benefit from consulting or training if I already consider myself an ally?


Do you offer discounts for consultation or training?

We offer packages

Can you create a training just for me/my organization/my business?

Yes, we can. 

Do you offer CEUs for trainings?

We are not able to offer CEUs for trainings at this time, but we are looking into this. We have been able to offer these through different organizations in the past.  


Can we hire you for ongoing consultation work?

Yes, we do offer ongoing consultation for mental health agencies/practices or other businesses who need an LGBTAQ+ diversity consultant. 


Do you follow the WPATH standards of care?

Yes, we do. You can read more about the standards of care here- WPATH Standards of Care