Sample trainings:


Pride Counseling & Consulting Southcoast offers customized trainings on LGBTQA+ issues for mental health practitioners, schools, churches, medical providers, and other community agencies or businesses. Our trainer, Emerson, is a therapist of lived experience who has been working in the mental health field for over a decade. The overarching purpose of every training we provide is to explore the diversity of sexuality and/or gender, and encourage inclusivity and understanding. Trainings can be adjusted or created based on your needs, and can be clinical or non-clinical in nature.


  • LGBTQA+ 101

  • Intro to LGBTQA+ Affirmative Psychotherapy

  • Special Considerations for Transgender Clients

  • Supporting Transgender Students

  • Addiction and the LGBTQA+ Population

  • The Impact of Minority Stress and Discrimination on LGBTQA+ Mental Health

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment

  • Working with parents and families of LGBTQA+ children

  • Health Disparities Affecting the LGBTQA+ Population

  • Safe Zone training ​

  • Customized training based on your needs


We have presented in a multitude of different settings, including mental health agencies, conferences, and colleges. 

Training series discounts available, please contact us for pricing.